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Font Instant Display

Application:Display user-created characters on the web page.

● CGI Program Name

bmp2png - Convert Ming Bitmap file into Portable Network Graphic (PNG) file.

ttf2png - Convert the Formal Style Script True Type file into PNG file.

● Application Procedur

  1. In the space where Chinese Character is to be displayed, input
    <img src="http://www.cns11643.gov.tw/cgi-bin/bmp2png"> 
    <img src="http://www.cns11643.gov.tw/cgi-bin/ttf2png">

  2. Add the following parameters after bmp2png or ttf2png:


    Name of Parameter Application Example
    page The number of character planes of CNS 11643;bmp2png can use 3 - 7 and 15, ttf2png can only use 3 - 4. page=3
    number The CNS Code of the character (CNS 11643). number=424E
    fontsize The size of the character; pre-set value is 12 x 12, equivalent to 9 points in Windows. fontsize=12
    bgcolor Background color of the character.  
    fgcolor Color of the character.  

● Practical example of application

If adding on the web page 王建的「火宣」,write:

<img src="http://www.cns11643.gov.tw/cgi-bin/ttf2png?page=3&number=424E">

● CGI parameter generators

To allow users to more easily obtain parameters of the CGI program, we have provided a simple form below. Select CNS character plane and enter the character code, then select font size and press the button to obtain complete CGI parameters.


CNS Character Plane CNS Character Code  
CNS Font Type KaiTi SongTi Font Size
Font Color Background Color

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