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Description of Functions of "Sharing User-created Character"


Enable organizations or enterprises to install user-created (shared) characters to avoid the problem of "same character, different code". resulting from downloading characters separately from the CNS Master Ideographs Seeker.

Application Method
  1. Establish an Administration System:
    To o preserve the consistency of user-created characters and codes (same character, same code), each organization is suggested to assign an Administrator administrator to centrally manage user-created characters in internal-used computers. Whwnever there are new characters needed at client, users should not download or create characters directly, but to apply through the administrator for user-created characters and their codes.
  2. Establish Internally Shared Character Set:
    Administrator install [Mater Ideographs Seeker Application Tools] on his/her own computer and use the web site's functions of Code Query, Character Download and [User-created Characters Administration Tools] to establish an internally shared character set. This "Share User-Created Character Set" function is to copy the related files of new or amended "Mutual Character Set" stored in Administrator's computer into folder C:\Cmex\UsrShare
  3. "Shared Character Set" available for use:
    Administrator set the folder C:\Cmex\UsrShare in his/her computer as "Shared Resources"
  4. Installation of Shared Character Set by Users:
    Intranet users (Client end) can open the administrator's C:\Cmex\UsrSHARE folder from "Internet Neighbor" and execute the UsfSetup.exe installation program. Restart the computer to start using the Shared Character Set. Users of stand-alone computers can access the UsrSHARE folder by requesting the administrator to e-mail the folder as attachment.
  5. Install Application Tools at Client End:
    Users at Client end are not required to install the full set of "Master Ideographs Seeker Application Tools". They only need to install frequently used [Code Conversion] and [Print Created Characters] programs. After the installation of "Master Ideographs Seeker", open the folder C:\Cmex\UsrSHARE and execute [Code conversion & Print Created Character Tools exe]; after installation, in [program set], [Master Ideographs Seeker Code Conversion & Print Created Characters Tools] will automatically be generated, which include [Remove Master Ideographs Seeker Code Conversion & Print Created Characters Tools], [Print Created Characters Tools] and [Code Conversion Tools] providing the functions of code conversion, phonetic/Chang-Jei query or printing the user-created character chart.